Who Am I?

Name: Joe Vautour

D.O.B.: June 17, 1978

My Full Resume is available online. It explains all of my educational, employment, volunteer, extra-curricular activities. They are too numerous to mention again. If you want to know what they are you will have to look at my resume.

What you won't find in my resume are my personal goals, interests, and other more personal information. If I had to describe myself with one word it would be diverse. I have such a broad background and range of interestes.

My number one desire is to some day go to Australia. That started in grade 5 when I had to do a project on parrots. What started out as an interest turned into an obsession and a passion. I started by reading as much as I could, that turned into sending off for tourist brochures and the like. I have amased a collection of pen-pals, Austalian coins, stamps, photos, a t-shirt, calander, books, koala posters, koala figurines, kangaroo figurines. I would go as far as cutting out the work Australia out of a carboard box or keeping the lid of a tin can that had Australia on it.

At first I just wanted to visit, then I wanted to live there, then go to University there (I think I have a university Calader from every Austalian university). Then I got a great idea. I would go to Australia in the year 2000 for the Olympics in Sydney and then spend a few months backpacking across the country.

Needless to say that dream is not coming to fruitation. I am yet to have serious plans on getting to Australia. I will get there some day though. Just you wait and see.

I had a girlfriend of 10 months who I recently broke up with. She doesn't think that I get excited about anything. My desire to go to Australia is what I feel most passionatly about but that doesn't seem to be good enough for her. She gets excited about just about everything from whats is happening on her many television programs that she watches religiously, to one of her "people" are putting out a CD - or do just abbout anything for that matter. I don't see what the big deal is. (As an update I recently bought my very own computer and I finally got really excited about something. Angela was very pleased.)

What gives me pleasure? I really enjoy meeting musicians. For my radio show on Campus Radio Saint John I interview many singers and musicians. To me that is real cool. Sure many of them are not huge icons, but to me it is really gratifing.

Free stuff is good. Whether it is free food or a free CD or just about anything for that matter. That always has a way of cheering me up.

I like to get involed in everything. It's not that I am contolling. I just want to lend a hand whereever I can. I often stretch myself too thin. Just ask anyone that knows me very well. I don't always recognize my own limits. And I don't always prioritize things the way others would. My values are a bit different then what other peoples are.

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