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Tammy Raybould at UNBSJ's Triple "F" for March

          Friday March 31st 2000 was the final triple "F" for the school year. It was also the date of the SRC Changeover party. The Changeover began shortly afer 6:00. There was not a great turn out. The few who did show up are basically the people you can count on seeing at just about every event. Basically they gave out certificates to the councellors, to the clubs, and then some special awards and honours. I don't want to seem conceited but I am very proud to have received a special Student Spirit award. The changeover party had a entertainment break while Tammy performed three songs solo.

          The Tripple "F" that was to be held later that night had an even smaller attendance. I was very disapointed becasue I was really hoping that there would be a good turn out. I have to give Tammy and her band credit, they still put on a stellar perfromance. This was actually my second time meeting Tammy. About a month or so previous she stopped by for an interview for my radio show The Beaver Hour. To be honest prior to the interview I did not know muh about her. Upon listening to her CD I immediatly fell in love with her music. That might sound corny but it is true. I trully appreciate her music. This is her first full length CD entitled "Maybe".

          A lot of people ask me to tell them who she sounds like. I really hate comparing her to someone else but if I had to I would have to say that she is a cross between Alanis Morisette, Amanda Marshall, and Paula Cole. I don't know that is the best I can think of. My favorite song is track 4, "I could Tell You". This song is so powerfull and full of emotion. At least that is how I feel about it.

          Anyway, back to the show. She treated us to some songs off her CD as could be expected. As a special treat she did three cover songs. She sang a Paula Cole song which wasn't a big stretch. Then she sang Zombie by the Cranberries. Now that blew me away. I have never heard anyone do a successfull cover of a Cranberries song and didn't think it was possible. I was so impressed. Finally she did a Led Zepplin cover. Now being a big Zepplin fan I don't usually like covers of their tunes. The only Zepplin cover that I really like is Madrigal's rendition of Battle of Evermore. The point is that the show was great, too bad more people were not there. The good news is that she will be back in the summer for Festival by the Sea. In the meantime you can check out her website.

Joe Vautour

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