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Fine Crowd @ O'Leary's

Friday, August 6, 1999

          If you are a patient person who enjoys waiting, Fine Crowd is the band for you. The Newfoundland band played at O'Leary's Pub as a part of Saint John'n "Festival by the Sea". It was the perfect atmosphere for the traditional Newfoundland and Irish songs that the group performed. The band started performing an hour and a half later than was scheduled due to technicla difficulties. They couldn't seem to get the right settings, and even during the performance they tried to get the right settings. It was frustrating to wait when everyone was there to see the band. They were good singers, but the wait made their performance seem less entertaining. We got more fun out of listening to the Irish guy sing at the next table singing old irish ditties. We ended up leaving before the band was done basically because we were tired and bored. I give the show 2 stars becasue the technical problems and the long wait greatly outweighed the talent and performance.

Maryanne Gautreau

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