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Were not really the Backstreet Boys, but we play them in real life

          This should prove to be one of the most entertaining reviews I have ever written. Last night (November 18, 1999) was a night I care not to relive. I am not proud to admit that I attended the tribute to Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Why did I go? Well my girlfriend loves the Backstreet Boys. I purchased the tickets, not sure if she would want to go or not.

          I REALLY did not want to go. I attempted to talk her out of going, but to no avail. I didn't even get through the door before I was teased. I just happened to know both people working the door. There was no escape from the torment. Did I feel out of place? Well seeing that the average age there, including parents would average out to be 12, yes I felt out of place. I couldn't have bought tickets way up in the nose bleed section where no one would see me? No! I bought tickets in the second row in front of the stage. Right where the bright lights were shining. Ok enough of this self pity, lets talk about the "performers".

          "Britney" started off by singing two whole songs. What do you expect when she only has one album out. She kinda looked like Britney, she didn't really sound like Britney, and she most defiantly couldn't dance like Britney. It was painful to watch. The screaming children didn't seem to mind too much but I think she was horrible.

          I was hoping that the Backstreet Boys would at least be more realistic. Fortuatly they were a bit better. Sure they weren't perfect but they made up for what Britney lacked.

          Let me critique each member seperatly. I have to start with the best, It is tie between Kevin and AJ. Kevin because of his remarkable resemblance. Angela (My girlfriend) could tell the difference but I couldn't. AJ looked real close and he had the character down. Brian didn't really look like Brian that much but his cloths made up for what he lacked in looks. Howie wasn't much to talk about. Now Nick on the other hand was a laugh and a half. First of all talk about a bad dye job. His hair must have been dyed just before going out on stage. He had a huge smile on his face the entire time he was on stage. I think he has perma-smile. He was the worst of them all. Even worse then Britney.

          I came to find out later that two of the origianl tributees were sick and they had two fill-ins for the show. So we were watching the backup tribute group? That explained a lot.

          The worse thing is that the girls there were going crazy over these wannabe's. They showered them with love letters and flowers. I thought there would be a riot. The concert got over at 8:00 and they performers were there signing autographs untill 12:00. How ridiculus is that?

Joe Vautour

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