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Len Higgins


          Len Higgins is one of the brightest stars in the burgeoning Saint John, N.B. music scene. Len has been playing and writing music for most of his thirty-three years. Len is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, where he obtained an Arts degree majoring in Philosophy and English. Len is a member of the New Brunswick Music Industry Association, the East Coast Music Awards Association, and the Canadian performing rights society, SOCAN.

          Len is a versatile musician. Although he specializes in acoustic guitar, Len's talent extends to harmonica, the electric guitar, the electric bass, the mandolin, piano and ukulele. Len is the driving influence behind a very popular band in Saint John called The Staff.

          Len is a prolific writer of original material. Len's basement studio is home to 190 tapes containing more than 1200 original songs. The themes in his music and lyrics speak thoughtfully of troubled lives and pure emotions. Len considers his ability to write meaningful, original music his greatest gift.

          Len isn't another dumb-to-the-industry musician. Len has educated himself about the science of recording music, having been heavily involved in engineering and producing his first CD in February 1996, entitled Down by the Stream. In April 1998, Len released his second CD which he wrote and co-produced with Lloyd Hanson of Reel North Recording Studios. Len also recognizes the need to promote his talent and vision to the music industry. Len has no trouble getting it: the music business is as much about business as it is about art.

          Len's talent is getting noticed. Len is a familiar music figure in the uptown Saint John area. He was chosen to perform at the Moosehead Kickoff concert for the Red Dog beer campaign, has appeared in an interview and performance with Mike Campbell on MuchMusic's MuchEast show, and will be performing in an annual music fest in New Brunswick's Festival By The Sea 1998.

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